Quartz Spray Chamber Scott Axial 900-13


This is an exact match OEM replacement Quartz Scott-style Spray Chamber


Axial, Scott Style with Inner Tube flush with Outer Tube, Sample outlet is 90° from drain, for Agilent 4500 and 7500 series. Standard for Agilent 7700/8800 series and 7500 series.


Quartz Spray Chamber Scott Axial 900-13
P/N: 900-13

Cross Reference(s)
Glass Expansion: 20-809-2643
Meinhard: L190013

Instrument Compatibility:
HP 4500/Agilent 7500 P/N: G1820-65337
Agilent 7700 P/N: G3280-80008

This is an exact match OEM replacement Quartz Scott-style Spray Chamber

This is an exact match OEM replacement quartz Scott-style Spray Chamber suitable for the HP 4500, Agilent 7500, and Agilent 7700 ICP-MS instruments. This spray chamber has an internal baffle even with the outer body and a sample outlet 180° degrees from the drain for Axial orientation. Precision Glassblowing also offers the same spray chamber made from borosilicate (P/N: 900-11), as well as Radial orientation versions (PGB P/N: 900-10 & 900-12).

An Overview of the Scott-Style Spray Chamber

A Scott-style spray chamber is an integral component of Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) technology, used primarily for elemental analysis. This chamber type filters out larger droplets from an aerosol, ensuring that only the finest particles reach the plasma.

As a result, this improves the precision and stability of the ICP readings. Precision Glassblowing offers a range of spray chambers, including the Scott style, each tailored for specific ICP applications.

Spray Chamber Variety and Purpose

The variety in spray chambers caters to different analytical needs. For instance, some are designed to handle high matrix samples, while others are optimized for quick washout times. As a result, you will notice the differences lie in their design, material, and the specific ICP system they are compatible with. Precision Glassblowing’s offerings ensure that laboratories can select the ideal chamber for their unique requirements.

Industries and Applications

Industries ranging from environmental monitoring to pharmaceuticals utilize ICP for its ability to detect trace elements. The choice of spray chamber, including the Scott-style, depends on the sample type and the analytical precision required. For example, environmental labs often need chambers that can handle diverse sample matrices without compromising sensitivity.

Optimal Materials for Spray Chamber Scott Style

Because they are durable and resistant to corrosive substances, materials like quartz and borosilicate glass are common choices for spray chambers. As a result, these materials ensure consistent performance and longevity, which is crucial for accurate ICP analysis. Precision Glassblowing leverages these optimal materials in their products including high-quality Scott-style spray chambers.

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