Euroglas B.V.

Euroglass B.V. develops, manufactures, repairs, and services specialized laboratory glassware for combustion analyzers and custom glassware for key global accounts. The company originates from the former Euroglas/Thermo in the Netherlands. Accordingly, it supplies all factory original glassware for related instruments as well as the TE Instruments XPLORER series.

Euroglas TS3000014
Euroglas Part No. TS3000014

Euroglas Joins TE Instruments

Today, 10 years after the acquisition of Euroglas, Trace Elemental Instruments (TE Instruments) continues as a company that designs, develops, and manufactures laboratory equipment. Their client base spans the industrial, petrochemical, and environmental categories.

Becoming part of the TE Instruments family in 2014, the Netherlands-based organization continues to advance its strategy. In this way, the company maintains full ownership of products and disciplines related to the Trace Elemental combustion analyzer market.

Euroglas XV10049
Part No.  XV10049

Big Brand with a Small Bench Space

Euroglas and Trace Elemental Instruments manufactures the smallest bench space laboratory instrument for the analysis of Total Nitrogen, Total Sulphur, and Total Halogens. The XPLORER series enables optimal application flexibility for liquid, solid, and Gas/LPG matrices. In addition, this includes optimal application flexibility for AOX, TOX, EOX, and POX applications.

TE Instruments dedicates its full range of elemental combustion analyzers and accessories to handling all sorts of samples. This is according to ASTM methods and other international standards. Besides combustion analyzers, a variety of complementary sample introduction & pre-treatment systems are part of the offering.

Euroglas TN3000066
Euroglas Part No. TN3000066

Euroglas Delivers Results

These next-generation analyzers are completely optimized for fast analysis. For example, they have top-detection performance and smart operation features. In addition, they have data-driven robustness and a fully loaded method library. All this in one single configuration. The analyzer produces accurate results rapidly and suggests user actions based on extensive data collection.  A solution you can rely on.

The company designs the Explorer Series to provide the best analytical experience when running (liquid) hydrocarbon applications. Each analysis aligns with relevant international test methods, such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, and UOP.

Euroglas XVI0039
Part No. XVI0039


Euroglas at Precision Glassblowing

Founded in 2009 by former employees of Thermo Euroglas, TE Instruments is located at the former manufacturing site of Euroglas B.V., Thermo Euroglas, and Thermo Fisher in the Netherlands. We at Precision Glassblowing are happy to be an extension for their component sales in the USA. Contact us today to learn more.