Our Values Lead Us

Passion Led Us Here
Values lead us. Our team shares a passion for attention to detail, perfecting everything we touch, and creating with glass. Precision Glassblowing is a product of the passion that drives us toward continuous improvement.

Precision Glassblowing of Colorado has prospered because we conduct business one way – treating others as we would want to be treated. Since our values lead us, this holds true for our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and anyone we have the pleasure of interacting with.

At Precision Glassblowing, we are passionate about creating high-quality scientific glassware for various applications and industries. We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing ICP/ICP-MS, laboratory, and custom glassware, as well as optical glassware for cold atoms. We are proud to be the manufacturer for the best OEM companies in the world.


Respect and Professionalism

We value honesty, integrity, and great customer service. We treat our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees with respect and professionalism. We listen to their needs and provide them with innovative solutions that exceed their expectations. We strive to deliver our products at competitive prices and quick turnaround times.

Continuous Improvement and Customer Interaction

We are committed to continuous improvement and customer interaction. We use feedback and data to optimize our processes, products, and services. We invest in research and development to explore new possibilities and expand the boundaries of scientific glass. We aim to be the global leader in innovation, development, and services for all areas of our business.

Social and Environmental Impact

We also care about our social and environmental impact. We conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We reduce our waste and energy consumption. We support our local community and contribute to various causes.

These are the values that guide us in everything we do at Precision Glassblowing. We invite you to join us in our mission to create the best scientific glassware in the world.