OEM Manufacturing

We Supply OEM Manufacturing

Since its inception, Precision Glassblowing has developed an ever-expanding portfolio of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the scientific industry.  They have come to rely on us for research and development of new products. Similarly, they count on our cost-effective way to mass-produce existing glass and quartz items.

Why Focus on OEM Manufacturing?

By focusing on the best, we get to utilize our facilities and master glassblowers’ capabilities to their finest. And who could be more challenging and discerning than the master creators of the original product?

Furthermore, OEM manufacturing allows Precision Glassblowing to focus on larger volumes and precise production. Our goal is always to achieve a higher quality at a lower cost for OEM customers.

“OEM manufacturing pushes our team to perform at their best to accommodate the higher expectations and production levels of our OEM customers’ demands, ” said CEO Ron Bihler.

Why OEMs Choose PGB

In addition to the strong relationships Precision Glassblowing has in the ICP and ICP-MS industry, we have become well known for high-precision quartz coils, large glass components for the distillation industry, and even micro-flow orifices for the gas sampling industry, to name a few.

When you examine Precision Glassblowing and our record of performance, we are clearly a trusted and reliable partner for scientific glassware needs. We have more than 40 years of experience and expertise in glassblowing to put to work for you. Not only are we considered masters in our trade, but we also have a reputation for quality products at competitive prices and quick turnaround times. Our employees work closely with customers to understand their needs and provide them with the best solutions. In fact, the Precision Glassblowing team is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction in every aspect of the business.

If you are in OEM manufacturing and are interested in learning what Precision Glassblowing can offer you, please call us or use the form below.