Gas Wavelength Reference Cells

We are proud to be part of the Nist Traceable Reference Material program and can offer HCN – 100 torr cells that carry the NTRM certificate from NIST. These cells are available as a stand alone cell or packaged in our three pass housing.


We offer three standard sizes of cells for your application: 50mm, 75mm and 150mm long pathlength, all with 2° wedged windows assembled at a 11° angle to eliminate back reflections.  The all-glass cell, produced with wedged windows, is hermetically sealed at an angle to minimize back reflections. Each cell is individually filled for higher accuracy. The shock-mounted aluminum housing securely holds the optical cell.  We also offer AR coating as an option to reduce reflections to less than 0.2%.  Units are assembled using low back-reflection collimators. Optional Anti-Reflective (AR) coated window cells, in addition to the 2° wedged windows, installed at an angle not only eliminate etalon effects, but also optimize output. AR coating alone can have significant etalon effects


Acetylene, Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Water, Helium, Others


The cell can be enclosed in a protective aluminum housing. In addition, this compact package is available with or without fiber collimators. We offer 5 different sizes and designs of housing for your applications: 50mm pathlength single pass, 75mm pathlength triple pass, 100mm pathlength single pass, 150mm pathlength single pass and 250mm pathlength 4 pass housing.


The entire assembly is encased in a rugged box with FC/PC or FC/APC connection.

PGB Optical manufactures and assembles the complete units, insuring exceptional control over the quality of the finished product. Our experienced glassblowers produce each cell, which is then vacuum-tested, and individually filled under controlled conditions. Our skilled machinist manufactures the housing components in-house. As a final step, each unit is post-cured and verified for wavelength characteristics. As an OEM manufacturer, we have instituted a quality assurance program, which meets or exceeds the precise tolerances required to produce the wavelength reference units.