Rubidium Vapor Cell Pyrex – TG-ABRB

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Rubidium Vapor Cell Pyrex – TG-ABRB

Rubidium Vapor Cell Pyrex – TG-ABRB

Vapor reference cells are specialized containers that hold a precise amount of atomic or molecular vapor. These vapors have distinct absorption spectra, making them essential for calibrating spectroscopic instruments. By absorbing light at specific wavelengths, they ensure the accuracy of devices like wavelength meters and tunable lasers.

Vapor reference cells, with their precise absorption spectra and the stability offered by buffer gases, are indispensable in fields that demand exactitude. The choice of Pyrex or quartz as the container material further enhances their reliability, making them a cornerstone in various industries that require precision and consistency. Vapor cells encapsulate the essence of accuracy in modern technology.

Buffer Gases: Enhancing Performance (Iodine Cells Excluded)

Buffer gases like Helium, Neon, and Argon are used in vapor cells (Iodine Cells Excluded) to control the environment. They prevent unwanted reactions and stabilize the vapor, extending the lifespan of the contained atoms. Each gas has unique properties that make it suitable for different applications

Industries Relying on Vapor Cells

Industries such as telecommunications, metrology, and research heavily rely on vapor reference cells. They use these cells for tasks like laser frequency stabilization and precise measurements. The accuracy provided by vapor cells is crucial for these applications.

Optimal Glass: Pyrex and Quartz

Pyrex and quartz are ideal materials for vapor cells due to their durability and thermal stability. Pyrex offers excellent optical transmission, while quartz can withstand high temperatures without reacting with the vapor. Both materials ensure the integrity of the vapor cell over time.

At Precision Glassblowing, the purity level of the natural elements we use in manufacturing all vapor cells is greater than 99%. We then distill them to an even higher purity during the filling process.

We offer buffer gases like Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Nitrogen, and Ethane upon request. Also, we offer paraffin coating and OTS coating (additional charges may apply).

Plus, we check all vapor cells for helium leaks and then bake them under vacuum to the 10-8 Torr range for at least 24 hours before filling them with the selected element.

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