Torch – 1.5mm Bore Injector – 110-30


1.5mm bore Injector for ARL 3400/3500 Accuris Mini

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Torch – 1.5mm Bore Injector – 110-30

Torch – 1.5mm Bore Injector – 110-30

Torch, 1.5mm bore Injector, ARL 3400/3500 Accuris Mini

P/N Cross Reference(s)
ARL P/N: 173463-0000

This is an exact match OEM replacement quartz torch suitable for Thermo ARL 3400/3500 ICP-OES instruments. This is a fixed injector torch with a 1.5mm bore injector and terminating in a 12/5 ball o-ring joint. It is also available with a 1.0mm bore injectore for organic analyses (Precision Glassblowing Part#: 110-30/1.0) or as a demountable torch (PG P/N: 110-31) with alumina injector (PG P/N: 110-48) for HF/CR applications.

P/N: 110-30