Hyper Skimmer Cone – Aluminum – PE3015-Al


For use with NexION for PerkinElmer ICP-MS Instruments



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Hyper Skimmer Cone – Aluminum – PE3015-Al
P/N: PE3015-Al

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PerkinElmer: W1033995

Hyper Skimmer Cone – Aluminum – PE3015-Al

This cone is part of the interface between the atmospheric Argon plasma and high vacuum quadrupole MS.

It has an orifice or aperture at its tip. As a result, this is able to transmit the analyte ions to the high vacuum MS.

ICP-MS cones, made up of a skimmer cone and a sampler cone, create the interface between the atmospheric ICP and the high vacuum MS detector. Most cones have nickel (Ni) or copper (Cu as their primary material. However, when working with more corrosive liquids, it is a good idea to use platinum (Pt) as the material of choice due to its chemical resistance.

Material Choices for Cones

Copper skimmer cones are used to maintain a lower temperature. A cone that runs too hot can degrade quickly, especially at the orifice, which is responsible for sensitivity and signal stability. Nickel is a long-lasting and rugged material that works for most sample types. Platinum is the choice material for more corrosive samples. That is because it is more chemically resistant than nickel. Also, it lasts longer between cleanings. Platinum cones have a platinum insert in a nickel or copper base. For this reason, customers should avoid using aggressive cleaning solutions as they may damage the base.

Precision Glassblowing’s large-orifice sampler and skimmer cones provide superior long-term stability and resist clogging. They allow analysis under both high and low sample-uptake conditions. While nickel is a rugged, long-lasting material for most sample types, platinum is the material of choice for more corrosive samples.

ICP-MS cones are designed to minimize clogging and maximize signal stability during extended runs of samples with high dissolved solids. The interface housing is water-cooled and made of a material that easily dissipates heat, such as aluminum or copper, to reduce the effects of high-temperature plasma on the cones.

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