MOT BOX CELL Rectangular Pyrex 2.75

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MOT BOX CELL Rectangular Pyrex 2.75
P/N: 2DMOT CELL 2.75

MOT BOX CELL Rectangular Pyrex 2.75: The Core of Precision

A magneto-optical trap (MOT) is a pivotal apparatus in atomic physics. It uses laser cooling with a magnetic field to trap neutral atoms. MOTs are essential for creating ultra-cold atom samples, crucial for high-precision experiments. These trap cool atoms to microkelvin temperatures, aiding advanced research in quantum mechanics.

Why Pyrex Stands Out

Pyrex, known for its durability and thermal resistance, is an optimal choice for MOT cells. Its low thermal expansion coefficient ensures stability under extreme conditions. This makes Pyrex ideal for maintaining the integrity of delicate experiments involving MOTs.

Industries Harnessing MOTs

Industries like geophysics, space exploration, and civil engineering utilize MOTs . They benefit from MOTs’ unparalleled sensitivity and drift-free measurements. These traits are vital for precision in fields that demand the highest accuracy.

Benefits Across Fields

Work in areas using MOTs leads to groundbreaking advancements. For instance, in quantum optics, MOTs enable the manipulation of quantum states. This can revolutionize computing and communication technologies.

MOT Box Cell in Action

The MOT Box Cell is at the forefront of MOT technology. It’s designed for researchers demanding precision and reliability. Its robust structure ensures consistent performance, making it a cornerstone in research labs worldwide.

A Future Shaped by MOTs

MOTs are shaping the future of multiple industries. Their use in creating Bose-Einstein condensates paves the way for new materials with unique properties. The potential applications are vast, from improving sensors to developing new energy sources.

The MOT Box Cell is a testament to innovation. It supports critical research and industrial applications where precision is paramount. Its use across various industries underscores its versatility and the benefits it brings to scientific and technological progress.

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30 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm

Inside cross-section

25 mm x 25 mm

Attached to

2 – 3/4”” rotatable CF flange

Mounted on

1” OD tubing