PGB Expands Scientific Glass Marketplace

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Precision Glassblowing, aka PGB, is pleased to present the improved version of, your premier destination for advanced technical and custom scientific glassware. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and marketplace, a curated collection of over 1,800 products designed for the discerning technical glass buyer. Our offerings cater to various fields including science, space exploration, medicine, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, and more.

This revised website features more in-depth descriptions of what we do and why. It offers more detail on product background, glass types, the reason certain products are developed, and why they might work better than other options. In addition, it offers links to support material and third-party support.

Finally, our new website offers easy-to-find links on every page to help you directly email or phone a live person.

Precision Glassblowing Scientific Glass Marketplace - New PGB Custom Atom Trap
Precision Glassblowing Scientific Glass Marketplace and website launch also introduce a custom atom trap designed and produced for Washington State University’s Fundamental Quantum Physics Labs.

Pioneering A New Era of Scientific Glass

Leading our showcase is the newest custom atom trap, a masterpiece of scientific artistry recently commissioned by Washington State University’s Fundamental Quantum Physics Lab. Atom traps use electromagnetic fields to confine atomic particles, allowing for precise manipulation and study. This elegant glass element is a testament to our commitment to merging form with function.

BEC MOT atom traps made by Precision Glassblowing use lasers or electromagnetic fields to slow and confine atoms or particles to small areas. This allows researchers to study the behavior of atoms and quantum mechanical properties.

There are several ways to trap atoms, including:

  • Magnetic fields: Atoms with magnetic moments aligned with the field will have lower energies and tend to occupy higher field locations. Atoms with magnetic moments aligned opposite the field will have higher energies and tend to occupy lower field locations.
  • Laser light beams: Laser cooling is a common method that uses special light fields or pulses to cool atoms to very low temperatures. This results in very low average particle velocity, which prevents the atoms from escaping the trap.
  • Electric fields: Ions can be trapped using electric fields.

One type of atom trap is the magneto-optical trap (MOT), which uses laser cooling to produce samples of cold, trapped, neutral atoms at temperatures as low as several microkelvins. The magnetic field in a MOT changes the interaction between the light and the atom so that in a certain magnetic field the atom is remains in the middle.

Skimmer Cone - Platinum - AT1008C-Pt
Platinum skimmer cones are used in ICP-MS instruments for analyzing corrosive samples, such as aggressive acids and organic solvents

Meet Innovation of all Types in ICP on the PGB Marketplace and Website

Another highlight from our Precision Glassblowing Scientific Glass Marketplace collection comes from our ICP product line — the sleek 18mm Platinum Sampler Cone. Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) mass spectrometry relies on this cone to detect metals and several non-metals at deficient concentrations. The platinum build ensures durability and resistance to high temperatures, making it an invaluable asset for laboratories worldwide.

Sampler cones are critical components for ICP-MS. They are the interface between the atmospheric plasma, that generates ions, and the mass spectrometer’s high vacuum system. The sampler cone’s role is to sample ions from the plasma and transition them into the vacuum for detection. This process is vital for the sensitivity and stability of ICP-MS. For this reason, it is critical for detecting trace elements in various samples.

The materials for sampler cones are durable and resistant to high temperatures. In addition, they can also handle the corrosive environments within the plasma. Therefore, nickel and platinum are common materials in sampler cones. In addition, nickel offers good chemical resistance and longevity for routine applications. On the other hand, platinum has better resistance to aggressive matrices and achieves the lowest backgrounds in trace analysis,  Precision Glassblowing provides sampler cones with different materials to cater to these specific needs.

PGB expands its scientific glass marketplace in 2024 to include optical glass for quantum labs, among other things.

Tailored to Your Needs

At Precision Glassblowing, we understand that the exact tool doesn’t always exist. As a result, our team has a dedication to collaborating with you to custom engineer the perfect piece. From the custom silver Dewar to the intricate Wolf von Klitzing Cell — our galleries exhibit many unique products. Our glassblowers and engineers have the skills and tools to tackle any challenge, ensuring that specifications meet with matchless precision.

PGB Expands Scientific Glass Marketplace
Custom glass coils are one area of specialty work at Precision Glassblowing.

A Community of Craftsmanship

Our new website isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a hub for glass enthusiasts and aspiring glassblowers. With extensive informational features, we aim to foster a community where knowledge and passion for glassblowing thrive. Whether you’re a professional with years of experience or just starting, Precision Glassblowing is your top resource. Therefore, your best strategy is to visit Precision Glassblowing for all scientific and technical glass.

Join us in celebrating the fusion of art and science at Precision Glassblowing. Please explore our products and marvel at the craftsmanship. We are confident that the perfect tool we have the tools to propel your research and production to new heights. Visit and experience the pinnacle of scientific glassware.

PGB Expands Scientific Glass Marketplace
Another custom job from PGB. This is a Silvered-Jacketed Dewar.

The Right Partner Now, and for the Future

We aim to be the global leader in innovation, development, and services for all business areas. At Precision Glassblowing, we are not satisfied with just meeting the expectations of our customers, partners, and suppliers. We strive to exceed them by delivering high-quality products, solutions, and support that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.