Sampler Cone – Nickel – Version A – Wet Plasma – U1001A-Ni


Nickel Sampler Cone, Version A, Wet Plasma, works with Shimadzu ICPM-2030

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Sampler Cone – Nickel – Version A – Wet Plasma – U1001A-Ni
P/N: U1001A-Ni

Suitable for:
Shimadzu ICPM-2030

Cross Reference(s)
Nu: 319-285

Understanding Sampler Cones

Sampler cones are critical components in Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). They are the interface between the atmospheric plasma, where ions are generated, and the mass spectrometer’s high vacuum system. The sampler cone’s role is to sample ions from the plasma and transition them into the vacuum for detection. This process is vital for the sensitivity and stability of ICP-MS. For this reason, it is critical for detecting trace elements in various samples.

Materials and Design

The materials for sampler cones are durable and resistant to high temperatures. In addition, they can also handle the corrosive environments within the plasma. Therefore, nickel and platinum are commonly used materials. In addition, nickel offers good chemical resistance and longevity for routine applications,. On the other hand, platinum is preferred for its resistance to aggressive matrices and for achieving the lowest backgrounds in trace analysis,  Precision Glassblowing provides sampler cones with different materials to cater to these specific needs,

Sampler Cone Varieties

Precision Glassblowing offers a range of sampler cones, each designed for particular ICP-MS systems and applications. Our sampler cones differ in the base materials and tip designs, which we optimize for various analytical requirements. For example, nickel-tipped cones are suitable for most applications, Meanwhile, platinum-tipped cones are ideal for high-acid matrices,

Industries and Applications

Various industries rely on sampler cones for elemental analysis. For instance, pharmaceutical, environmental, and quality control for metals and materials industries use ICP-MS for its high sensitivity. Sampler cones are essential for these analyses, as they directly influence the instrument’s performance and the integrity of the data collected. .

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Precision Glassblowing’s expertise in sampler cones ensures that each cone meets the stringent requirements of ICP-MS systems. Thanks to precision manufacturing, we can assure our clients that our cones give consistent and reliable results in their analytical processes.