Quartz Concentric Nebulizer A-Type 3mL/min 30psi


A-Type (High Sensitivity) Concentric Nebulizer, 1 lpm Ar, 30psi, 3mL/min


Quartz Concentric Nebulizer A-Type 3mL/min 30psi
P/N: 500-77Q

Cross Reference(s)
Agilent: G1820-65138
PerkinElmer: WE024371

Quartz Concentric Nebulizer A-Type 3mL/min 30psi

A Concentric Nebulizer – A-Type is a glass nebulizer that turns liquid medicine into a fine mist that can be inhaled through a mask or mouthpiece. The nebulizer has a central capillary with liquid and an outer capillary with gas. The gas draws the liquid into the gas stream, breaking it into a mist as it moves through.

Concentric nebulizers are different because they tend to draw liquid samples as they produce the aerosol. Negative pressure at the point of aspiration causes fluid to flow through the sample line without any external pumping action.

Concentric nebulizers can provide excellent sensitivity and stability, particularly with clean solutions. This product is the Concentric Nebulizer A-Type .5mL/min 50 psi Qtz.

The Function of the Nebulizer in ICP

The function of the nebulizer in inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (ICP–MS) is to convert a liquid sample into an aerosol for introduction into the plasma.

The aerosol then passes through the spray chamber and into the plasma, where the sample’s atoms emit light wavelengths that the instrument measures to determine their concentrations.

When it comes to the three types of concentric nebulizers, recent studies indicate that the aerosol generation mechanism for the A-type nebulizer is more efficient than for C and K-type. C-type and K-type nebulizers function similarly, but K-type nebulizers use 30% less argon flow than C-type nebulizers.

How Are A, K, and C-Types Different?


The A-type is ideal for small sample consumption and low detection limits. A-type nebulizers are more efficient at nebulization than C-type and K-type nebulizers.


The C-Type is best for large sample loads and high levels of dissolved solids. C-type nebulizers feature an internal sample capillary slightly recessed to the nebulizer nose. This design results in a more consistent aerosol and a higher tolerance for dissolved solids than the A Type. The C-type nebulizer operates at 1 L/min Argon at a pressure of 30 or 50 psi and sample uptakes of 1 mL/min, 2 mL/min, 3 mL/min, or Microflow (0.1 – 0.4 mL/min).


The K-type nebulizer is suitable for low carrier flow and small internal gas cross-sections. It operates similarly to C-type nebulizers but with a 30% lower argon flow (0.7 liter/minute compared to 1 liter/minute used by the C-type).

Quartz Concentric Nebulizer A-Type 3mL/min 30psi

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Concentric, A (High Sensitivity)


No Fittings Included

Argon Flow Rate

1 lpm

Air Pressure

30 psi

Sample Uptake

3 mL/min