Pyrex Spray Chamber Cyclonic Axial with Knockout 550-38


Cyclonic, Long Neck with knockout tube, Hildebrand Grid Neb Input, works with Tyledyne (Leeman)


Pyrex Spray Chamber Cyclonic Axial with Knockout 550-38
P/N: 550-38

Cross Reference(s)
OEM: 318-00092-1

Instrument Compatibility:
Tyledyne (Leeman)

Pyrex Spray Chamber Cyclonic Axial with Knockout 550-38

Cyclonic Spray Chamber: Precision in ICP Analysis

A cyclonic spray chamber is a key component in Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) systems, known for its excellence in sample introduction. It employs a cyclonic action to separate larger droplets from the aerosol, directing them to waste, while finer droplets are delivered to the plasma.

This action ensures more sensitivity and consistency in ICP measurements. Precision Glassblowing’s cyclonic chambers, including their advanced models, meet various analytical demands.

Spray Chamber Design and Functionality

The design of cyclonic spray chambers focuses on maximizing transport efficiency and precision. Precision Glassblowing’s range includes single-pass and double-pass cyclonic chambers, each serving a distinct purpose.

Single-pass chambers are ideal for low matrix samples, offering excellent signal stability. On the other hand, double-pass chambers are optimal for samples with high solids or organics, providing improved plasma stability.

Industry Utilization and Selection

ICP technology is pivotal across numerous industries, from environmental testing to biotechnology. The selection of a cyclonic spray chamber, such as those offered by Precision Glassblowing, is based on the sample’s complexity and the desired analytical accuracy. Environmental labs, for instance, may prefer cyclonic chambers for their superior handling of varied sample matrices without losing sensitivity.

Optimal Materials for Cyclonic Spray Chambers

For cyclonic spray chambers, materials like borosilicate glass are best due to their hardiness and chemical inertness. Materials such as these guarantee a reliable performance over time, which is vital for precise ICP analyses. Precision Glassblowing utilizes these superior materials to construct their cyclonic spray chambers, improving quality and ability to last.

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