Standard Joints & Connectors


Standard Taper Joints

Standard nomenclature of taper joints defines the taper size (in mm).  Therefore a 24/40 Inner joint means the OD of the widest point of the joint is 24mm and the overall length of the tapered joint is 40mm.  Similarly, a 24/40 Outer joint means the ID of the widest portion is 24mm and the overall length of the taper is 40mm.  Below are commonly available taper joints in both “Full Length” and “Medium Length” sizes.

Full Length, Inner
Full Length, Outer


DesignationShank OD (mm)Shank Wall (mm)Part NumberDesignationShank OD (mm)
7/25 Inner6.351.2CG-101-017/25 Outer10
Part NumberDesignationShank OD (mm)Shank Wall (mm)
Part NumberDesignationShank OD (mm)Shank Wall (mm)
CG-100-017/25 Inner6.351.2
CG-101-017/25 Outer101.5
CG-100-0210/30 Inner81.5
CG-101-0210/30 Outer141.2
CG-100-0312/30 Inner101.5
CG-101-0312/30 Outer161.2
CG-100-0414/35 Inner12.71.6
CG-101-0414/35 Outer191.8
CG-100-0519/38 Inner171.8
CG-101-0519/38 Outer221.8
CG-100-0624/40 Inner221.8
CG-101-0624/40 Outer282
CG-100-0729/42 Inner282
CG-101-0729/42 Outer322.4
CG-100-0834/45 Inner322.4
CG-101-0834/45 Outer382
CG-100-0940/50 Inner382
CG-101-0940/50 Outer452
CG-100-1045/50 Inner412
CG-101-1045/50 Outer482.3
CG-100-1150/50 Inner482
CG-101-1150/50 Outer542.4
CG-100-1255/50 Inner512
CG-101-1255/50 Outer602.4
CG-100-1360/50 Inner572.4
CG-101-1360/50 Outer642.4
CG-100-1471/60 Inner702.4
CG-101-1471/60 Outer752.4
CG-100-15103/60 Inner1002.4
CG-101-15103/60 Outer1103
Medium Length, Inner
Medium Length, Outer
Part NumberDesignationShank OD (mm)Shank Wall (mm)Part NumberDesignationShank OD (mm)Shank Wall (mm)
CG-104-025/12 Inner40.8CG-105-015/12 Outer81.5
CG-104-037/10 Inner6.351.2CG-105-027/10 Outer101.5
CG-104-047/15 Inner6.351.2CG-105-037/15 Outer101.5
CG-104-0510/18 Inner81.5CG-105-0410/18 Outer141.2
CG-104-0612/18 Inner101.5CG-105-0512/18 Outer161.2
CG-104-0714/10 Inner12.71.6
CG-104-0814/20 Inner132.2CG-106-0514/20 Outer12.71.6
CG-105-0614/20 Outer191.8
CG-104-0919/22 Inner171.8CG-106-0619/22 Outer171.8
CG-105-0719/22 Outer221.8
CG-104-1024/25 Inner221.8CG-105-0824/25 Outer282
CG-104-1129/26 Inner282CG-105-0929/26 Outer322.4
CG-104-1234/28 Inner322.4CG-105-1034/28 Outer382
CG-104-1340/35 Inner382CG-105-1140/35 Outer452

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Standard Spherical Joints

Standard nomenclature of Spherical joints roughly defines the nominal OD and bore of the spherical joint (in mm).  For example, a 12/5 Ball joint means the OD of the widest point of the ball is 12.7mm and the ID of the bore through the ball is 5mm.  Similarly, a 12/5 Socket joint means the ID of the widest portion of the sphere is 12.7mm and the bore of the sphere shank is 5mm.  Below are commonly available spherical joints with actual measurements listed.  Please note that Ball joints with an O-ring are listed after. 

Spherical Joint, Ball
Spherical Joint, Socket
Part NumberDesignationBall OD (mm)Shank OD (mm)Part NumberDesignationSphere ID (mm)Shank OD (mm)
CG-120-0212/2 Ball12.7007.5CG-121-0212/2 Socket12.7007.5
CG-120-0412/5 Ball12.7008CG-121-0412/5 Socket12.7008
CG-120-0518/7 Ball19.0509CG-121-0518/7 Socket19.05010
CG-120-0618/9 Ball19.05012.7CG-121-0618/9 Socket19.05012.7
CG-120-0728/12 Ball28.57516CG-121-0728/12 Socket28.57516
CG-120-0828/15 Ball28.57519CG-121-0828/15 Socket28.57519
CG-120-0935/20 Ball34.92522CG-121-0935/20 Socket34.92522
CG-120-1035/25 Ball24.92528CG-121-1035/25 Socket34.92528
CG-120-1250/30 Ball50.80036CG-121-1250/30 Socket50.80036
CG-120-1365/40 Ball63.50046CG-121-1365/40 Socket63.50046
CG-120-1475/50 Ball76.20056CG-121-1475/50 Socket76.20058
CG-120-15102/75 Ball101.6080CG-121-15102/75 Socket101.6080
Spherical Joint, Ball O-ring
Part NumberDesignationO-ring SizeBall OD (mm)Part NumberDesignationO-ring SizeBall OD (mm)
CG-122-0112/2 Ball O-ring01112.700CG-122-0835/20 Ball O-ring12034.925
CG-122-0212/3 Ball O-ring01112.700CG-122-0935/25 Ball O-ring12034.925
CG-122-0312/5 Ball O-ring01112.700CG-122-1050/30 Ball O-ring12850.800
CG-122-0518/9 Ball O-ring11219.050CG-122-1165/40 Ball O-ring13763.500
CG-122-0628/12 Ball O-ring11628.575CG-122-1275/50 Ball O-ring14676.200
CG-122-0728/15 Ball O-ring11628.575CG-122-13102/75 Ball O-ring238101.600

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Standard Stopcocks

Straight Bore with PTFE Plugs
Replacement PTFE Plugs Only

Part NumberPlug SizeBore (mm)Sidearms OD (mm)Part NumberPlug SizeBore (mm)
CG-425-0110/15 Plug16CG-425-2010/15 Plug1
CG-424-0111/25 Plug17CG-424-7911/25 Plug1
CG-424-0311/25 Plug28CG-424-7711/25 Plug2
CG-424-0415.2/30310CG-424-7615.2/30 Plug3
CG-424-0515.2/30410CG-424-7515.2/30 Plug4
CG-424-0716/35612CG-424-7316/35 Plug6
CG-424-0824/40816CG-424-7224/40 Plug8
CG-424-0924/401016CG-424-7124/40 Plug10
Straight Bore with Glass Plugs
Replacement Glass Plugs Only

Part NumberPlug SizeBore (mm)Sidearms OD (mm)Part NumberDesignationBore (mm)
CG-400-0212/30 Plug28CG-400-9812/30 Plug2
CG-400-0417/40 Plug410CG-400-9617/40 Plug4
CG-400-0520/44 Plug612CG-400-9520/44 Plug6
CG-400-0625/52 Plug816CG-400-9425/52 Plug8
CG-400-0735/56 Plug1019CG-400-9335/56 Plug10
Straight Bore with 1-Arm Bigger
Replacement Glass Plugs Only

Part NumberPlug SizeBore (mm)1st Sidearm OD (mm)2nd Sideam OD (mm)Part NumberDesignationBore (mm)
CG-402-0112/30 Plug2810CG-400-9812/30 Plug2
CG-402-0217/40 Plug41012CG-400-9617/40 Plug4
CG-402-0320/44 Plug61216CG-400-9520/44 Plug6

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Hose Barb Connectors

Regular Hose Barb Connectors


Part Number# of Rings“A” (mm)“B” (mm)“C” (mm)“D” (mm)“E” (mm) 

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Direct Seal Hose Barb Connectors


Part Number# of Rings“A” (mm)“B” (mm)“C” (mm)“D” (mm)“E” (mm)