Sustainability Policy

At Precision Glassblowing of Colorado, we have unwavering commitment to always do the right thing for our customers, our people, and our communities. We are committed to improving our social impact and strive for sustainability across every action.

Through this policy, we intend to make our operations more sustainable by

Upholding the laws and regulations of the respective countries we operate in Endorsing highest standards of economic, social, ethical, and environmental practices Identifying and moderating risks associated with our procurement process 

Communicating the policy with stakeholders (internal and external) and raising awareness among our suppliers 

In accordance with our commitment to the highest standards, we also request that all our stake holders and expect our suppliers to aspire to the same standards in their business operations, including but not limited to


Comply and adhere to all the applicable environmental laws in respective countries/jurisdiction Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility such as

Responsible waste management and disposal 

O Reduction of greenhouse gases and other emissions harmful to the environment 

Conservation of nonrenewable natural resources 

Business Ethics

Obey all relevant international and domestic laws regarding ethical business practices Demonstrate existence of procedures to prevent

Money laundering 

O Fraud, bribery, corruption 

Conflicts of interest 

O Data security issues 

Labor and Human Rights

Comply with all applicable laws, in accordance with the principles of the International Labor Organization, the UN Global Compact, and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Prohibit slavery and the use of forced, bonded, or child labor across the supply chain Prohibit unlawful discrimination and harassment to provide a safe and inclusive work environment 

Community Development

Provide employees with a living wage, at a minimum 

Partner with local governments to improve the educational, cultural, economic, and social well- being of communities in which they operate

We understand that sustainable performance improvement is a continuous process and recognize the contribution of our stakeholders in our journey to become more sustainable

Ron Bihler 


Executive Team

Ken Petrie

Founder & Owner

Ken Petrie

Ron Bihler

CEO & Director of R&D

Ron Bihler

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Chis Morgan

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Jeff Petrie