Spray Chamber – Quartz – Scott – Axial


Spray Chamber, Quartz, Axial, Scott Style w/ Inner Tube flush with Outer Tube, Sample outlet is 90° from drain, for Agilent 4500 and 7500 series. Standard for Agilent 7700/8800 series and 7500 series.

For HP 4500/Agilent 7500 P/N: G1820-65337
For Agilent 7700 P/N: G3280-80008

P/N Cross Reference(s)
Glass Expansion: 20-809-2643
Meinhard: L190013

This is an exact match OEM replacement quartz Scott-style Spray Chamber suitable for the HP 4500, Agilent 7500, and Agilent 7700 ICP-MS instruments. This spray chamber has an internal baffle even with the outer body and a sample outlet 180° degrees from the drain for Axial orientation. Precision Glassblowing also offers the same spray chamber made from borosilicate (P/N: 900-11), as well as Radial orientation versions (PGB P/N: 900-10 & 900-12).