Quartz C-Type Concentric Nebulizer 0.4mL/min 30psi Micro


C-Type Concentric Nebulizer 1.0 lpm Ar 0.4mL/min 30psi Microflow

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Quartz C-Type Concentric Nebulizer 0.4mL/min 30psi Micro
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Quartz C-Type Concentric Nebulizer 0.4mL/min 30psi Micro

There’s a lot to unpack in that product name. So, just what does it all mean?  Let’s start at the beginning.

A concentric nebulizer has a central capillary that contains liquid, and an outer capillary that contains gas. The gas pulls the liquid into the gas stream, breaking it into a fine mist as it moves through. This type of nebulizer uses the Venturi Effect to produce an aerosol.

What is the Venturi Effect?

The Venturi effect is a phenomenon that occurs when a fluid’s pressure decreases as it speeds up while passing through a constricted area. The effect is named after its discoverer, the 18th-century Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi.

The Venturi effect is an example of Bernoulli’s principle, which states that an increase in fluid velocity results in a decrease in static pressure. The effect uses the principles of continuity and conservation of mechanical energy.

C-Type for Finer Mist and Microflow

C-type nebulizers feature an internal sample capillary slightly recessed to the nebulizer nose. This design results in a more consistent aerosol and a higher tolerance for dissolved solids than the A Type. The C-type nebulizer operates at 1 L/min Argon at a pressure of 30 or 50 psi and sample uptakes of 1 mL/min, 2 mL/min, 3 mL/min, or Microflow (0.1 – 0.4 mL/min). This is a Quartz, C-Type (High Solids) Concentric Nebulizer, 1.0 lpm Ar, 30psi, Microflow.

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Concentric, C (High Solids), Microflow


Includes QD (Quick Disconnect) and AC (Argon Connect)

Argon Flow Rate

1 lpm

Air Pressure

30 psi

Sample Uptake

0.4 mL/min