Burgener PEEK Mira Mist


PEEK Mira Mist Nebulizer, 0.2 - 2.5 mL/min, 45psi (HF Resistant).
Works for nearly all samples except concentrated acids and some organic solvents. Still has Teflon capillaries for the samples and for the gas.

• Enhanced Parallel Path Teflon Nebulizer.
• Can operate on 0.2 ml/min to 2.5 ml/min.
• Excellent mist, and can handle high level of particulates in sample.
• Fits regular chambers as a direct replacement for glass concentric nebulizers.
• Operates on standard pressures of 35 - 45 psi.

Special Note: ** All Burgener nebulizers are shipped with the appropriate fittings at no additional charge. Please select your instrument make and model number from the drop down menu when you place your order, and your nebulizer will arrive ready to install. **

P/N Cross Reference(s)
Agilent ICP-MS: G3161-80000
Agilent ICP-OES: CP914506
PerkinElmer: N0775330
Thermo iCAP: 842312051471
Thermo ICP-MS: 4600356
HORIBA JY: 47.929.024