2-Stop Santoprene Orange-Yellow


2-Stop Orange/Yellow (0.020″/0.51mm ID), Santoprene, 12/pkg

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2-stop Santoprene Orange-Yellow Pump Tubing

P/N: PT-2100SA

2-Stop Santoprene Orange-Yellow Pump Tubing is a type of tubing used for standard-sized peristaltic pumps. The two colored markers on the tubing indicate the size of the inner diameter.

Santoprene tubing is known for its flexibility, durability, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals. It’s often used for general-purpose applications such as: Product transfer, Abrasion-resistant sleeving, Gasketing, Insulation, and Automotive uses.

2-Stop Orange/Yellow (0.020″/0.51mm ID), Santoprene, 12/pkg