Custom Glassware Process

Step 1: What do you want to build?  What are the requirements or limitations?  High pressure?  Vacuum?  High or low temperature?  Other?   What is the application?  Perhaps we can suggest appropriate materials and design features.  Feel free to contact us to discuss.


Step 2: What size is your glass assembly?  Follow this link to common tubing and rod sizes in both quartz and borosilicate glass.


Step 3: How are you connecting everything?  Are you connecting the assembly to anything or does anything attach to your assembly?     Follow this link for standard sizes of glass connections of taper joints, ball/socket joints, and hose connectors Please note, both quartz and borosilicate tubing come in many US/Imperial (inch) sizes perfect for compression fittings.


Step 4: What is critical?  Does the assembly need to fit inside anything?  Does anything fit inside the assembly?  Follow this link to standard tolerances for our glassblowing shop.


Step 5: How many pieces do you need?  Often we can construct multiple pieces of the same custom glassware design and save money on time and materials.